Information About Restorative Dentistry Services

Restorative dentistry can help you live more comfortably with appliances that act just like your natural teeth. If you suffer from missing teeth, cracked or fractured teeth, or badly decaying teeth, we may recommend a restorative dentistry option. Our team provides dental crowns, dental bridges, dental implants, and dentures to patients in Midland, MI. During a dental exam at our office, we can determine if you need one of these devices and provide a treatment plan. Please schedule an appointment to learn more.

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When teeth get cracked, loose, or worn down, they can be saved with a dental crown that covers, protects, and strengthens the weakened tooth.

Bridges cover gaps in the mouth with a false tooth supported by surrounding teeth, implants, or both, providing balance and health to your mouth.

Dental implants involve getting a metal screw placed to replicate a tooth root, which can then be used to secure dentures, crowns, or bridges.

Dentures can make it easier to eat, talk, and smile by filling in gaps where multiple teeth are missing using a variety of different solutions.

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