Dr. Edward Knight, an experienced dentist who is highly trained at diagnosing and treating oral health issues, helps his patients in Midland, MI reach their smile goals. At Knight Dental Care, patients often opt for either traditional or no prep veneers to help improve their smile. Although traditional veneers are a great option, they don’t always work for men and women with weakened tooth enamel. For these individuals, no-prep veneers, which don’t require the removal of existing enamel, are an ideal choice. You may be wondering, “What are veneers?” Read on to find out the answer and more, including how long do veneers stay on, if you need to do anything for teeth prep for veneers, and how veneers and no prep veneers can provide a teeth transformation.

What can no prep veneers and veneers correct?

Dr. Knight uses no prep veneers and veneers to help his patients experience a teeth transformation in Midland, MI by correcting:

  • Overlapping teeth
  • Damaged teeth
  • Stains, yellowing, or discoloration
  • Cracks or chips
  • Crooked teeth
  • Uneven alignment or spacing

These veneers create straighter, whiter, and natural-looking smiles. They also protect the surface of damaged teeth.

What are no prep veneers and veneers?

No prep veneers offer many of the same benefits as veneers for our patients in Midland, MI. The main difference between the two is that no prep veneers don’t require any preparation of the teeth that are being treated. This means that more of a patient’s natural teeth are preserved. Our no prep veneers are made of Cerinate, a thin ceramic material that was created specifically for this treatment. Ideal candidates for these no prep veneers have enough remaining tooth surfaces for them to bond to.

About no prep veneers

Because no preparation of the teeth is needed, patients at Knight Dental Care spend less time in the chair when they choose no prep veneers. During your first visit, Dr. Knight will create a mold that will fit your particular teeth. They are custom made to match the shade and shape of your natural teeth. Temporaries aren’t needed with no prep veneers. Once your no prep veneers are ready, you will re-visit our office and have your no prep veneers bonded and adjusted, as needed.

Do no prep veneers hurt?

The entire process is usually pain-free since there is no grinding down of existing tooth enamel. Once your no prep veneers are bonded, there is also no post-treatment tooth sensitivity or pain experienced by some of Dr. Knight’s veneer patients. This type of veneer is reversible since your natural teeth underneath are strong and intact. With proper care, no prep veneers can last for up to 20 years.

Do no prep veneers and porcelain veneers ruin your teeth?

Because a portion of existing tooth enamel is removed with traditional veneers, the answer is yes. However, with no prep veneers, they do not. Regular veneers affect the integrity of the teeth. It’s important to have regular exams and routine dental cleanings at Knight Dental Care, so we can look for signs of irritation or gum inflammation where your veneers may not have bonded properly.

How to care for no prep veneers and veneers

One thing that no prep veneers and veneers have in common is that they won’t last forever. This makes it important to care for your teeth from home. A regular at-home oral hygiene routine includes regular brushing and flossing, which removes plaque and food particles that can lead to tooth decay or gum disease. Regular dental exams and routine dental cleanings are also integral, as we can determine when you need a replacement. The better that you care for your teeth, the better they will look.

Learn if no prep veneers or veneers are best for your smile

When you’re looking for ways to improve your smile, Dr. Edward Knight at Knight Dental Care in Midland, MI offers several cosmetic dentistry treatments. He is experienced at helping his patients find viable options to repair and restore their smiles. During a consultation, Dr. Knight can determine if veneers will give you the optimal results you’re looking for. If not, he can help you to find a cosmetic dentistry option that will. To learn more about veneers and no prep veneers, call our professional team today to schedule a consultation to learn more about no prep veneers and veneers.