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Help When You Need It Most

If you have a dental injury or severe toothache, you may need treatment long before your next cleaning and examination. In these circumstances, you should call us as soon as possible to schedule an emergency appointment. We understand the urgency of treating your pain, and that is why we are standing by to provide the help you need. In addition to relieving your discomfort, emergency treatment can help you restore the function of your bite and begin to repair your smile’s appearance.

Responding To Your Dental Emergency

If you believe your injury to be life-threatening or have bleeding that you cannot control, call 911 or head to the emergency room of your nearest hospital. Otherwise, contact our office to receive advice on treating your tooth. We will let you know how to handle your injury before you arrive at your emergency appointment. Remember that time is of the essence when attempting to save a tooth that has become loose, broken, or knocked out, so do not delay!

The Types Of Emergency Injuries We Treat

While we treat mild cases of tooth decay at routine checkups, call our office right away if you experience any of the following:

  • A severe toothache that lasts for more than one day
  • Food or debris stuck between teeth that you cannot safely dislodge
  • Any chip or crack in the surface of your enamel
  • A knocked-out tooth