When your smile is worn, discolored, or has missing teeth, a smile makeover can offer a complete transformation. For those with imperfections that they would like to address, Dr. Edward Knight of Knight Dental Care can offer a smile rejuvenation. During a smile makeover consultation in Midland, MI, he can examine your teeth and gums and listen to your concerns about your smile. Then, he can create a custom smile makeover treatment plan that addresses these concerns and aims to improve both your function and oral health.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover by a cosmetic dentist in Midland, MI, such as Dr. Knight, uses both restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve your smile and its function. He offers different treatments that can provide dramatic changes to a damaged or dull smile. Every patient will have different needs, so each smile makeover is unique.

What can a smile makeover correct?

Some concerns that can be addressed during a smile makeover in Midland, MI include:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Gaps
  • Missing teeth
  • Broken, cracked, chipped, or uneven teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • Stains, yellowing, or discoloration

At Knight Dental Care, we can use different cosmetic dentistry procedures to rejuvenate your smile in Midland, MI.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures used during a smile makeover

Dr. Knight provides many procedure options for rejuvenating your smile. Cosmetic dentistry helps to improve how a smile looks. It also can:

  • Whiten teeth: Our patients in Midland, MI use teeth whitening, which helps remove stains and discoloration, to get a whiter and brighter smile.
  • Improve the shape of your teeth: Teeth that are too small or too narrow can impact your smile. At Knight Dental Care, we can improve the size, width, length, and shape of your teeth with porcelain veneers.
  • Repair or restore cracked or broken teeth: Teeth that are chipped, cracked, or broken affect how you chew or bite. By restoring your oral health, a smile makeover renews your teeth function and improves the appearance of your smile at the same time. Dental bonding can help with minor chips.
  • Correct gapped, crowded, or crooked teeth: Patients who want a straighter smile can use Invisalign® to gradually shift their teeth to more desirable positions. This is achieved with the use of clear teeth aligners that are custom made for you in Midland, MI. This improves your oral health as crowded and misaligned teeth are more prone to developing tooth decay. This is a great choice for adults who don’t want metal braces and who want to straighten their teeth in an undetectable way. Dental implants can be used to replace gaps from missing teeth.

The goal of a smile makeover is to transform a smile and make it look better. Whether you’re interested in tooth whitening, veneers, Invisalign, or any other cosmetic dentistry procedures, Dr. Knight can help you to rejuvenate your smile at Knight Dental Care.

Will my insurance cover a smile makeover?

Sometimes. If your cosmetic dentistry procedure will help restore your oral health, then it’s possible that your insurance provider will cover it. However, if they don’t deem the procedure medically necessary and elective, they won’t typically cover the procedure. At Knight Dental Care, we can help you fully understand your financial obligations prior to beginning your smile makeover.

Learn how cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile

Every one of our patients at Knight Dental Care has different needs. Because of this, Dr. Edward Knight performs thorough dental exams during a smile makeover consultation that allows him to make procedure suggestions based on your particular oral health. This can include one procedure or a series of treatments to help you to get your dream smile. When you’re looking to make dramatic changes to your smile, consider scheduling an appointment with our cosmetic dentist in Midland, MI.