At Knight Dental Care, Dr. Edward Knight offers his patients a combined dental crown and root canal treatment. Whether tooth nerve pain, gum pain, or tooth sensitivity, these are all signs you may need a root canal and crown in Midland, MI. During a dental exam with X-rays, he can decide if root canal therapy is best for your oral health situation.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a procedure that removes any diseased pulp of the tooth to relieve pain, tooth sensitivity, or an infection. Also, untreated cavities and cracks in the teeth can lead to this tooth infection that needs root canal therapy.

What causes the need for a root canal?

When you want Dr. Knight to save your tooth with a combined crown and root canal treatment in Midland, MI, schedule an appointment at Knight Dental Care when you notice any of the following:

  • You have severe tooth pain, especially when you’re chewing or putting pressure on your tooth.
  • You notice a small or pimple-like bump on your gumline
  • Your gums are tender or swollen around a tooth
  • Your tooth is sensitive to hot or cold temperatures

What happens during a root canal?

When tooth decay penetrates a tooth deep into the pulp, you need a root canal. During a root canal, we use local anesthesia to numb the tooth being treated. Next, our root canal specialist, Dr. Knight, drills through the crown of the tooth until he reaches the pulp. He will clean the area and remove all of the pulp and connective tissues. When the tooth is clean, gutta-percha is used to close the tooth fully to avoid further infection. A temporary filling is placed until your custom crown is made, which will fully restore the tooth.

Benefits of a combined root canal and crown treatment

There are many benefits of having a combined root canal and crown treatment in Midland, MI, including:

  1. Covering a large filling
  2. Covering a dental implant
  3. Restoring a cracked or broken tooth
  4. Protecting worn-down teeth
  5. Protecting a week tooth from further decay

Is a crown really necessary after a root canal?

A root canal saves a tooth from further infection, but it does not save the tooth from weakening. This is why it’s so important to get a crown after a root canal. It will strengthen a weakened tooth and reinforce the outer structure. It also will help protect the tooth from sensitivity by providing a protective outer shell.

Learn when you need a combined crown and root canal treatment in Midland, MI

Tooth decay spreads fast and will worsen when left untreated. However, at Knight Dental Care, Dr. Edward Knight specializes in diagnosing tooth decay in Midland, MI. During a dental exam, he can determine if a patient needs root canal therapy and a crown. When you’re experiencing root canal symptoms, it’s important to schedule an appointment quickly at our professional dental office.