You deserve to smile and laugh without a care. However, if you have stained or spotted teeth, it may make you feel less confident. If you are in this category, the KÖR teeth whitening procedure offered at Knight Dental Care in Midland, MI can help you correct your teeth whitening problems. With our dental specialist, Dr. Edward Knight, we can give you the teeth whitening that you’ve always wanted. Although there are many teeth whitening choices, we specialize in KÖR whitening because of its superiority over the other available whitening treatments.

How long does our solution last?

The results from the procedure and its duration vary from one person to another. The KÖR teeth whitening procedure is a slow process with long-lasting results. Typically, you will begin to see results some weeks after the procedure. And depending on the patient, the result can last as long as six months to three years after the procedure.

It is essential that the patient comes in for regular check-ups. Doing this will also help to extend the lifespan of the teeth whitening procedure. Our dental care service in Midland, MI is always open to caring for your dental needs. Our specialist, Dr. Edward Knight, is adept at making sure you have long-lasting white teeth and can confidently flash them around.

What is the KÖR whitening procedure?

It will help you maintain your new white teeth for a very long time. Our whitening solutions remove the deep stains below the surface of your teeth. Not only does this ensure that our customers get a thorough whitening, but it also removes the microorganisms that have found a home there.

Step One: First, we make molds of your teeth so that we can fabricate a customized and ultra-comfortable KÖR-Seal whitening trays unique to you. To select the level of KÖR whitening that is fitted to you, we will utilize your conversations with Dr. Knight.

Step Two: You will receive your custom-made whitening trays at a follow-up session, with a desensitizing gel and instructions on how to use your KÖR Whitening Deep Bleaching System. You will have to wear your trays while you sleep for at least two weeks.

Step Three: During these two weeks of at-home treatment, the system will gradually whiten your teeth as it restores the ability to absorb oxygen. This allows the oxygen in the whitening gel to seep into your teeth and remove stains.

Step Four: After two weeks of bleaching your teeth at home, you will come back for a one-to-two-hour whitening session to help you achieve your set teeth goals. You will need to maintain your teeth regularly at home to achieve long-term results. And this will involve you wearing your custom trays at least one night every month.

Although results for each individual varies, you can be sure to have fabulous teeth after the procedure with whitening up to 16 shades or more.

Where can I find quality teeth whitening in Midland, MI?

Do you have spotted or stained teeth and are in need of a dentist in Midland, MI? Our expert team at Knight Dental Care is fully equipped to help you get the results you desire. During your consultation with our top specialist Dr. Edward Knight, he will design a treatment plan customized just for you. To learn more or begin your teeth whitening process, contact us at Knight Dental Care today.