Teeth accumulate wear and tear with time. Injury, illness, dietary/lifestyle alterations, and age-related changes are a few of the many reasons teeth take a shift in shape or color. At Knight Dental Care, Dr. Edward Knight provides consults and procedures for dental bonding and contouring, which can reshape and restore teeth for a natural, vibrant smile in Midland, MI.

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic treatment used for repairing minor flaws in teeth. Dr. Knight uses a composite resin to cover discoloration and fill tooth gaps, chips, and small cracks. The composite resin is tinted to match natural tooth color and applied to the surface of the teeth layer by layer, making bonding a simple and fast dental procedure in Midland, MI.

Can dental bonding be used to fill tooth gaps?

The composite resin is designed to repair minor cosmetic flaws in the teeth, including tooth discoloration, tooth gaps, chips, cracks, and oddly shaped teeth. Tooth gaps must be reasonably sized for dental bonding treatments to work. Our team of professionals also uses the resin to reshape or contour teeth for a fuller and more natural smile.

How long does dental bonding last?

Dental bonding results can last anywhere between 3 – 10 years. Dental bonding is not meant to be as long-lasting as other complex dental procedures, such as crowns or veneers. Our professionals can recommend bonding and contouring touch-ups for when the filling begins to wear or break down. Preserving dental bonding results for years to come depends on other factors, including medical history and lifestyle habits (food and liquid intake, smoking, alcohol use, hygiene practices, etc.).

Does the dental bonding procedure hurt?

Dental bonding is a fast, cost-effective, and virtually pain-free procedure compared to other advanced treatment options. Since our team members only work over enamel or the surface of the tooth, patients should rarely experience dental pain during bonding and contouring treatments in Midland, MI. Dr. Knight does offer sedation options for patients who are especially uncomfortable with dental procedures or who have a strong gag reflex.

How long does the dental bonding procedure take?

Dental bonding and contouring procedures are performed and completed in as little as one appointment. Dr. Knight and his team members apply the composite resin layer by layer, each one hardened by special lighting equipment. Once the resin has set, the resin filling is contoured into a natural tooth shape. Since dental bonding is used for minor cosmetic repairs, there is no prep work required, like in more comprehensive procedures, such as crown or veneer placements.

What if dental bonding isn’t enough for my tooth gaps?

Dental bonding and contouring treatments are used for minor flaws, including tooth gaps. However, if your tooth gaps are spread out further or are considered more than a cosmetic issue, Dr. Knight can recommend other dental interventions. Consult with our professionals who can provide you with the best treatment options for your unique dental needs.

What can I do to make my dental bonding results last?

Except for anesthesia, there is no recovery period after dental bonding. However, our team will make recommendations on how to care for your teeth so that bonding results last longer. Suggestions may include tips for cleaning teeth, regular check-ups, and dietary improvements.

Find more information about dental bonding in Midland, MI

Dental bonding and contouring procedures are fast, cost-effective, and considered pain-free techniques used to repair minor teeth flaws, including tooth gaps, cracks, chips, and discoloration. Dr. Edward Knight and his team members provide consults and dental bonding treatments for patients looking for a fuller and more vibrant smile. If you want to find out if dental bonding is right for you, schedule an appointment with us in Midland, MI today.