Are you tired of using store-bought teeth whitening kits and getting poor results that do not last? This is not only frustrating but also costly. At Knight Dental Care in Midland, MI, Dr. Edward Knight and the rest of our dental experts are proud to offer the KOR® teeth whitening system. The results of the KOR treatment can last for about 1 – 3 years on average, depending on how well you maintain the results. This superior teeth whitening treatment is safe and effective, giving you the bright smile you deserve.

How the KOR teeth whitening system works

What makes the KOR teeth whitening solution more effective involves its distinct process that uses a whitening tray that fits over your teeth. The tray administers hydrogen peroxide over the teeth to break down stains and clear out their particles, producing a naturally white color to your teeth. The oxygen in the whitening agent can also move deep into your teeth to restore their natural ability to take in oxygen.

What makes KOR different from other whitening kits is that it prevents saliva from breaking down the hydrogen peroxide. The sealed tray produces a secure fit that covers the teeth while preventing saliva from entering the space. The treatment consists of about 6 – 10 hours of whitening activity, which is more effective than traditional whitening trays that only provide about half an hour of whitening support.

You can wear your whitening tray while you are asleep, making it easier for the device to fit. You’ll experience long-lasting results that can remain for years, as the peroxide solution will have an easier time entering your teeth. The practice is harmless and produces effective results different from other whitening trays you might find today.

Customized trays for a comfortable fit

Dr. Knight will complete an impression of your teeth to identify the suitable shape for your whitening tray. The tray will require a secure fit to make it more effective and valuable.

The number of trays you will require and how often you will use them will vary by situation. Our experts at Knight Dental Care in Midland, MI will help you review how well the treatment can work and what you can expect from the process.

How to maintain the results

While the results of the KOR system can last for years, your results will be more successful when you continue maintaining your teeth the right way. Always brush your teeth at least twice each day, and use a safe mouthwash to prevent bacteria from entering your teeth and triggering further stains. Watch what you consume in your diet as well. Dark-colored liquids and foods with dark dyes can trigger further darkening. Some medications can also cause your teeth to become dark, so talk with your doctor about this issue if necessary.

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The KOR teeth whitening system is an outstanding practice that gives your teeth the beautiful look you’ve always wanted. You can trust us at Knight Dental Care in Midland, MI when looking for a solution that fits your needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve that picture-perfect smile.