It is possible to receive a root canal and crown during the same visit. Dr. Edward Knight and the team at Knight Dental Care in Midland, MI can help with these dental treatments.

You won’t have to spend weeks between each visit to receive a root canal and crown. We use a safe procedure to help you complete these two tasks in one day.

How does the practice start?

The root canal and crown procedure starts with the root canal. The root canal helps clear infected pulp tissue inside a tooth. The treatment will require some cutting and draining, although the intensity will vary surrounding your need for care. We can complete an x-ray to see where the infection appears. We will determine the proper method of targeting the infection after finding the problem.

An average root canal takes about 30 – 90 minutes to complete. The intensity of the case will dictate how long it will take for Dr. Knight to complete the root canal.

How is the crown planned?

Our dentists in Midland, MI recommend you receive a dental crown after undergoing a root canal. The crown will cover your tooth and reduce the pressure that usually goes over your natural tooth. A crown will also be shaped to fit your smile, preserving its look.

We can prepare a dental crown on the same day you receive your root canal. It takes about an hour to manufacture a crown. Our x-ray and scan of your mouth can help us determine the suitable size and shape of your crown. We can then cement the crown in place after the material is ready.

You could spend two hours waiting for your crown in some situations. The timing is based on how long it takes to prepare the crown and how long it takes to secure the dental cement in the area.

Is this a safe procedure?

It is safe to get a root canal and crown together on the same day. The root canal procedure will not require as much anesthetic as you might expect. A local anesthetic will go over the targeted area to numb the surface, although nitrous oxide may also be used in the treatment process to keep you comfortable.

You may notice a bit of soreness in the treated area for a few days afterward, but the problem will be less intense after a while. You can expect to spend about a week recovering, but you should be back to your routine before that week ends.

You may require a visit before these procedures to help us review where the root canal will occur and how the crown will be built. We can use these points to note how well these efforts will work.

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A root canal and crown can be completed on the same day. Our team at Knight Dental Care in Midland, MI will be there to serve you and help with your unique dental care needs. You can contact us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Edward Knight and learn more about how we can provide these services for your needs.