K?R® professional teeth whitening is one of the most unique advancements in cosmetic dentistry today, as K?R provides more effective whitening results than over-the-counter solutions. Dr. Edward T. Knight is proud to provide this teeth whitening solution for his patients in Midland, MI.

The K?R teeth whitening system is unique because it improves how your teeth can absorb oxygen. Your teeth require oxygen to dissolve and break apart stain molecules to produce a whiter smile. The K?R process helps you attain those results by using whitening trays shaped to fit your teeth.

How does this procedure work?

K?R professional teeth whitening removes deep stains around your teeth instead of only surface stains. The procedure starts with our dentist creating a thorough mold of your teeth. Dr. Knight will guide you through the process and determine the suitable whitening level necessary for your smile and how often you’ll need to use your trays.

You will wear your whitening tray at night as you sleep, and the K?R-Seal tray will administer the necessary whitening gel. The gel helps your teeth absorb oxygen, allowing it to go deep into your teeth to remove old stains.

The gel won’t trigger sensitivity, ensuring you won’t feel discomfort. It is also safe on your teeth and gums when used as directed.

Why is K?R different?

Whereas many teeth whitening procedures use peroxides to remove stains, K?R focuses on improving how your teeth can absorb oxygen. Teeth that can absorb oxygen can break down stain molecules into shorter ones that are easier to clear, improving how your teeth look.

How often will you wear your dental trays?

You’ll use your dental trays at night while you sleep and the timeframe for how often you will use them varies by situation. You may need it a few times a week, but Dr. Knight can help determine the right course of action with an in-office consultation and treatment plan. You can use your trays for a few weeks and then see how well it is working and if you require any additional in-office support. Periodic maintenance is necessary for providing long-lasting results, although you’ll also need to care for your teeth to ensure they stay white.

Will you still require in-office help?

You may still need in-office teeth whitening help in some situations, although that is mainly for patients who require more substantial results. Dr. Knight can check your current needs and find a solution that works for your smile. Every patient has unique needs, so a thorough exam of how well the practice can work for you is necessary for your success.

Ask Dr. Knight how the K?R professional teeth whitening process can improve your smile

Dr. Edward T. Knight can help you enjoy an outstanding smile through the K?R professional teeth whitening process in Midland, MI. This system helps your teeth absorb oxygen, improving how they can break down the molecules that produce stains. Contact Knight Dental Care to schedule an appointment and discover more about how this exciting teeth whitening approach works.