A gummy smile can create the appearance that you are showing too much of your gumline, and instead of people seeing your teeth, they focus on your gums. Thankfully, this problem can be fixed through a smile makeover that can correct your gummy smile and help your teeth become more visible. With a smile makeover at Knight Dental Care in Midland, MI, Dr. Edward Knight can improve how your smile looks while keeping your gums from being a distraction.

Here’s a look at the many ways how a makeover can fix your smile.

Bonding and contouring

We can start your smile makeover with a bonding and contouring procedure. Bonding can fill in various gaps or cracks in the teeth, while contouring can correct teeth that are longer than the others. Contouring can also work for the gums, as it will reshape the gumline by removing excess gum tissues. This correction makes your teeth more visible, and it is easier to clean them when their entire surfaces are visible. Teeth that are partially covered by gums might not be easy to clean, as bacteria can get behind the gums and harm your smile.

Porcelain veneers

You can also use porcelain veneers that can go over teeth that have noticeable cracks, discolored spots, or other visible issues. Veneers can prepare a more natural appearance to your smile while also drawing attention to how great your teeth look. The process keeps people from focusing on your gums when you smile because the veneers create a look that is more proportionate to the rest of your smile.

Dental crowns

Another option included in our smile makeover at Knight Dental Care is dental crowns. A dental crown will go over your tooth to create a result that is larger or longer than the original tooth, producing a more consistent appearance.

If your teeth happen to be too short, dental crowns will be more proportionate and create more of a focus on the tooth and not on the surrounding gums. The crown also prevents decay from spreading to other parts of your smile, reducing the risk of those teeth wearing out and causing the surrounding gums to become more visible.

Professional teeth whitening

After we have reduced your gummy smile with the previously mentioned treatments, we can add the finishing touches to your smile makeover with professional teeth whitening. Our KöR® Whitening system removes stains from your teeth and makes them brighter and more visible. Professional teeth whitening can create that picture-perfect smile and boost your overall appearance.

Ask Dr. Knight how you can get a happier, less gummy smile

At Knight Dental Care in Midland, MI, we can help you receive a happier and more appealing smile through a customized smile makeover designed just for you. Dr. Edward Knight can keep your gummy smile from being a distraction through many procedures, including gum contouring and teeth whitening. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment and learn how a smile makeover can make a difference in your life