Knight Dental Care | Midland, MI

Office Highlights

At Knight Dental Care, we want you to feel like you're at your home away from home. That's why when you pull into our single-story brick facility, you'll see seasonal flowers, shrubs, trees, and other plants around the building. When you enter the building, you'll be greeted by our friendly office staff where they will check you in. Feel free to hang your coat and hat up, and grab a seat and watch some TV. Outside the window, you'll be met with a grassy view that is sure to be a breath of fresh air. Located at 5604 Eastman Avenue in Midland, MI, our office is easy to get to. On a side street adjacent to a three-way stoplight, we have solar panels on our roof and computerized and digital radiography. These are just a few of the ways we are ensuring our office is state-of-the-art and up to date.

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