Information About Advanced Dentistry Services

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A root canal is necessary in order to extract infection and strengthen and improve the function of the tooth when bacteria reach into the pulp.

Custom-made mouth guards are made to snuggly fit your teeth and protect your mouth during high-impact sports or from braces or dental restorations.

Nitrous oxide is used to keep patients awake during a procedure while keeping them comfortable and relaxed, a great solution for those with anxiety.

Difficulty opening and closing your mouth, bothersome clicks when chewing, and misaligned teeth can be signs of TMD, which can be treated.

Sleep apnea can often be treated at the dentist's office rather than with a CPAP or surgery, helping you get better, healthier, sounder sleep.

Dental malocclusion is the result of misalignment in your bite or jaw that causes your top and bottom teeth not to line up, impacting oral function.

Night guards protect your teeth from nightly grinding that can result in cracked or chipped teeth, tooth pain, headaches, sore neck and jaw, and more.

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