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Why Are Dental Exams Important?

Getting your yearly dental exam allows you to take an active step to prolong the wellness of your smile. An annual oral exam at Knight Dental Care looks for cavities, periodontal disease, cancer of the mouth, and various other issues that might be influencing your oral — and overall — health. Often carried out at twice-yearly dental cleaning appointments, comprehensive exams enable dentist, Dr. Edward Knight to study your teeth, gums, bite, temporomandibular joints, and other features inside your mouth and can ensure immediate identification and management of any oral problems. To keep up with the wellness and beauty of your smile, schedule a thorough oral examination at our Midland dental practice today.

What is an Oral Cancer Screening?

Reportedly, 50,000 people in the United States of America are diagnosed with oral cancer annually. The condition could, however, possibly be manageable if detected immediately. Oral cancer is a fast-developing multiplication of cells that could develop anywhere in or throughout the mouth, such as on the lips, mid-face, tongue, oral glands, jaws, and even the neck and among additional oral structures. Dr. Knight carries out an oral cancer evaluation during each dental exam to detect precancerous tumors, malignant growths, or different abnormal areas. A few of the typical symptoms of oral cancer are sores, swelling, elevated or rough areas, and discolored regions of tissue. Any spots in question may be taken out and biopsied, or you may be sent to an oncologist for necessary treatment.

Who Should Get Dental Exams?

Every resident in Midland, MI would benefit from receiving oral exams a minimum of once every year for general treatment. Dental exams might also be done if you have tooth pain, injury, or other concerns that manifest between visits. Gum disease, the primary instigator of missing teeth, and cavities might not cause notable symptoms to develop until they are in their more progressed stages of development. If you have a dental concern addressed immediately, we can generally provide a more diverse range of treatments for management.

The American Dental Association (ADA) advises that infants should begin seeing the dentists before they are even one year old. To address the needs of these young ones, our staff can help with a range of issues, like teething and sucking on the thumb, and guide you in how to properly clean your young one's teeth and gumline as their jawbone tissues develop. Yearly exams can help your little ones form effective oral habits early on and enable them to enjoy healthy smiles for a lifetime.

To schedule your dental exam, call our office today.

What Should I Expect During My Visit?

Annual exams at our dental practice begin with a review of your medical record. Someone on our team will review any dental issues or cosmetic smile goals you have to uncover more regarding your oral health and well-being. At certain annual check-ins, a series of advanced X-rays will be taken to provide dentist, Dr. Knight, with more knowledge regarding the health of your teeth and bone tissues. From there, he can conduct a screening for cancer of the mouth, evaluate the alignment of your arches and jaw joints, and monitor your teeth for trauma and the comfort of any dental restorations. A periodontal exam could also be done to detect existing symptoms of gum disease. If you have any other questions about dental exams, call Knight Dental Care today.

Dental exam FAQs

Do dental exams hurt?

A dental examination should never cause pain at any point. While some people find the dental cleaning a little uncomfortable, the caring specialists at Knight Dental Care take every opportunity to make sure you feel relaxed and at ease.

How long is a dental exam?

The length of your dental exam depends on your oral health, individual needs, and any issues that may arise during your appointment. In general, most patients can expect their exam to last 30 – 45 minutes.

What if I want to improve the appearance of my smile?

Knight Dental Care offers a wide range of options for enhancing the appearance of your smile. Once we determine your teeth and gums are healthy, we can prepare treatments like teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, restorations, and more.

Prevention is the best cure!

A nice smile requires more work than simply visiting a dentist if you experience a concern. Yearly dental exams create a path for prompt identification and management for dental conditions and are essential in preserving your dental wellness. Dental exams at Knight Dental Care can help you put your best smile on. To arrange your family's annual oral exams, or if you have questions about cost and financing, call our Midland, MI office at your earliest convenience.

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