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Mouth Guards Provide Smile Protection For Athletes

If you or your child play a sport that has a high risk for injury, a mouth guard can protect your teeth during contact. We can design a durable oral appliance to custom-fit the specific dimensions of your bite. This means enjoying a more comfortable guard that also offers more protection than a generic store-bought option. A mouth guard can be particularly helpful if you wear braces or have dental restorations that risk cutting the soft tissues of your mouth.

Creating Your Custom Mouth Guard

We can take advanced images of your mouth to create a digital impression for designing your new guard. After sending your impression to a lab, your guard is made to cover your unique bite. When your appliance is ready, you will return to our office, where we will see that it fits properly and feels comfortable. To care for your new guard, we will give you instructions on how to clean and maintain it.

Night Guards Protect Your Teeth From Grinding While You Sleep

If you grind your teeth at night, we could design a custom oral guard to defend your bite from this unconscious habit. Also known as bruxism, teeth grinding wears away enamel from the surface of your smile, which increases your risk for cavities and can disturb the alignment of your bite.

This problem is also known to place stress on your jaw joints, leading to a disorder called TMJ. By wearing a night guard, you relieve the pressure in your jaw from your constant clenching. This can help you wake up each morning feeling more refreshed.