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We Provide Therapy For Your Jaw Pain

If you have pain in your jaw or can hear noise when it moves, you may have a condition called temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. Your TMJ is the area where your jaw attaches to your skull, and when it is damaged, the symptoms can quickly reduce your ability to enjoy life. While the causes of TMJ disorder are diverse, we often see it connected to difficulties with your jaw’s alignment. By examining your jaw, we can develop a customized treatment schedule to treat the condition and relieve your pain. We could suggest wearing a mouth guard to gently glide your jaw into alignment, placing dental restorations to even your bite, or even providing a combination of different procedures.  

Identifying The Symptoms Of TMJ Disorder

When your jaw joints cannot move in their proper alignment, painful TMJ symptoms may soon develop. The repetitive motion of an unaligned jaw can place serious strain on its joints and facial muscles. You may find yourself unable to concentrate as pain builds through the course of your day, causing frequent headaches. The tension can cause you to grind your teeth unconsciously or at night while asleep. By paying attention to these symptoms, you can receive treatment by discussing them with our team.

Determining Your TMJ Therapy Approach

We will evaluate the movement of your jaw and look for signs of grinding, clenching, and misalignment. Depending on our findings, we will discuss different treatment options, which can include orthodontics, bridges, crowns, dentures, or a mouth guard. In addition to your treatment, we will provide advice on behaviors to ease your symptoms at home. Eating softer foods, applying a heating pack, and practicing relaxation techniques may all help relieve tension in your jaw joints.