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What Is A Dental Bridge?

When one or a few of your teeth have fallen out, it's not just a cosmetic issue — gaps in your teeth can cause other teeth to move out of position, resulting in unnecessary tension when you bite, increased pain during chewing, or even difficulty speaking. A bridge improves the health and appearance of your mouth by covering gaps with a false tooth that is supported by either your natural teeth, dental implants, or a combination of both. At Knight Dental Care in Midland, MI, Dr. Edward Knight, skilled in both cosmetic and general dentistry, offers custom-made bridges with top-quality materials that will help to give you back your beautiful smile. If you have one or more teeth missing from your smile, schedule an appointment with Dr. Knight to learn more about how you can restore your beautiful smile with a dental bridge.

Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

Missing teeth are not just a cosmetic problem — spaces in your smile can impact your oral health. Our mouths are very well balanced, and a missing tooth may affect how well you can use your mouth. Over time, a missing tooth may lead to teeth shifting, creating bite problems (overbite, underbite, crossbite) and gum or jawbone atrophy. To place a bridge, the surrounding teeth must be healthy enough to support the restoration, including good density in the jawbone and gums. Dr. Knight will assess your mouth during your consultation to help you select the best type of bridge and material that can be used to create your custom bridge.

How Do Dental Bridges Work?

Once your supporting teeth are filed down, Dr. Knight will take digital x-rays and dental impressions so your bridge can be created. If needed, a temporary bridge or restoration may be used while your custom one is being made. Once your bridge is ready, the needed areas of your mouth may be given local anesthesia. Stronger anesthesia or sedation options may be discussed if you have anxiety or a strong gag reflex to provide more comfort during the placement. The bridge will either be glued into place or connected to dental implants, depending on the support you and Dr. Knight decided on during your consultation. Dr. Knight will carefully adjust the position of your bridge so it is comfortable in your mouth and stable.

What are the benefits of a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is an excellent choice for restoring the health and overall appearance of your smile. When gaps prevent you from biting and chewing properly, a bridge can restore your ability to eat the foods you love. In addition, bridges at Knight Dental Care are custom-made to match the specific shape, size, and color of your natural teeth, resulting in a grin that looks completely seamless. Patients who want to look their best and regain their confidence often choose dental bridges over other options.

What happens after treatment?

After your bridge is in place, you should have a noticeable improvement in the function and appearance of your teeth. You may need a follow-up appointment at Knight Dental Care to adjust the fit of your bridge if it feels uncomfortable in the first few weeks after placement. Dr. Knight or an assistant on his team will teach you how to care for your restoration, including the best way to keep it clean and if you need to avoid any foods. It's crucial to frequently clean your bridge and mouth because decay can develop underneath the restoration. With proper care, your bridge can stay in place for many years. You should continue to schedule appointments at Knight Dental Care for your annual dental examination and cleaning twice a year. In your examination, Dr. Knight can check the health and wear of your dental bridge to determine if it needs to be replaced or repaired.

Dental Bridges FAQ

How many teeth can be replaced with a dental bridge?

A dental bridge typically replaces one to four teeth. Replacing more than four teeth can make a bridge unstable, and dental implants or a full denture may be a better option. During your consultation, Dr. Knight will examine your teeth and help you determine the best solution for your dental needs.

How long does a dental bridge usually last?

A dental bridge can typically last about 5 – 15 years with proper oral hygiene, care, and regular dental visits at Knight Dental Care. Over time, our teeth naturally shift, and change-making adjustments to your dental bridge will be necessary.

How long will it take to make my dental bridge?

Most dental bridges take about 2 – 4 weeks to make. You will need two dental appointments to have it placed. The first appointment is to prepare your teeth for the bridge. After your teeth are prepared, you'll receive a temporary bridge while your permanent one is being made. When your bridge is ready, you'll return and have it placed.

Will insurance cover a dental bridge?

Many dental insurance providers will cover part of the cost of a dental bridge. At Knight Dental Care, we will consult with your provider to help you determine your out-of-pocket costs.

Dental Bridge Restorations

Even if you don't mind how you look with a gap from a missing tooth, it may turn into more expensive trouble if it isn't fixed. Make an appointment with cosmetic dentist Dr. Knight to get more information about dental bridges and the different options to fit your unique needs. Knight Dental Care is proud to offer high-quality dental restorations that can help improve the health and appearance of your smile. Contact our front office in Midland, MI, to make your appointment.

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