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A Dental Bridge Helps Replace Lost Teeth

When we place a dental bridge, we close the gap caused by missing teeth in your smile. This can prevent significant harms that progress after tooth loss. Left untreated, neighboring teeth can drift toward your gap, negatively impacting your bite’s alignment. But by securing it to crowns placed on each adjacent tooth, a bridge maintains the space in your smile to preserve your bite. This restoration can replace a single tooth or multiple adjacent missing teeth on either row.

Preventing The Complications Of Tooth Loss

While losing a tooth has an immediate effect on your personal appearance, you also lose important functional aspects of your bite that can have a greater toll on your quality of life. Tooth loss makes it harder to comfortably eat as you shift your jaw to use your remaining teeth. The repetitive strain on your jaw can even lead to TMJ disorder without treatment.

Because your other teeth take on the additional force of your bite, they can wear down quickly. This wear and tear removes their protective enamel, increasing your risk for tooth decay and gum disease. As gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss among adults, failing to replace your missing tooth can quickly lead to losing more.

Receiving Your Custom Dental Bridge

When you visit our practice, we will take detailed measurements of your smile to create a dental bridge that looks natural and fits comfortably in your bite. Your prosthetic tooth will rest between a pair of crowns that anchor to teeth on either side. Once attached to your teeth, your crowns will hold the bridge in place for many years.