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Dental Crowns Offer Durable Protection For Your Tooth

Dental crowns help you restore teeth damaged by a variety of oral harms. When decay removes a significant amount of your tooth’s healthy material, a dental filling cannot return the necessary strength to function properly. Sports injuries and other traumas can also quickly remove large portions of your tooth in a sudden accident. To treat these injuries, we can design a dental crown that caps your tooth completely above its gumline. This protects the remaining material from infection and provides the strength to handle your tooth’s bite. A crown could also be used solely for cosmetic reasons or in combination with a root canal therapy for infection.

Designing Your Custom Crown

At Knight Dental Care, we select your crown’s material depending on the location of the affected tooth. For less visible molars that take a larger proportion of your bite’s force, we could employ metal or porcelain fused to metal (PFM) to increase your crown’s strength. For front teeth, we often select porcelain or ceramic material to more closely mimic the size, shape, and color of your original tooth.

During your initial appointment, we will take an impression of your bite to fashion your crown. At a follow-up appointment, we will check to see that the restoration fits as intended before permanently bonding it to your smile. To care for your treated tooth, you must continue to brush and floss to prevent decay from affecting the material below.