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What Are Dentures?

If you have missing teeth, restore your smile with dentures. These dental restorations should make it simpler to talk and eat, in addition to renewing the appearance of your mouth after tooth loss. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Edward Knight designs full and partial detachable and implant-supported dentures for individuals in Midland, MI. Full-arch dentures restore all of the teeth in the top arch, bottom arch, or both, whereas partial dentures are offered when a number of the natural teeth still remain intact in the jaw. At Knight Dental Care, our dental team can help you decide what form of dentures are suitable for your goals and have them uniquely crafted for a nice look and comfortable fit. Reach out to us for your restoration evaluation with Dr. Knight soon.

What Are All of the Types of Dentures?

We are all different, meaning all of our dental needs are slightly different. Addressing your unique goals is essential to us so our Midland, MI office provides many personalized denture options for tooth restoration:

  • Removable partial dentures take the place of empty spaces left behind by one or many lost teeth, held in place by discreetly fastening to surrounding teeth.
  • Detachable full dentures replace a complete upper or lower arch and are retained by the natural shape of the jawbone or an oral adhesive.
  • Implant-held dentures take the place of multiple or a full arch of teeth, fastened to dental implants in the jaw for enhanced stabilization.
  • Immediate full dentures are used right after the natural teeth are removed. The fit of these pieces can be modified as the gums recover.
  • Conventional full dentures are placed in cases where teeth are already gone and the gums are fully recovered from tooth loss.

What are the benefits of dentures?

Missing one or more teeth can influence your life in many ways. Missing teeth can impact your appearance and make activities like eating and speaking more difficult. Dentures are an excellent way to restore your smile and improve your quality of life. These restorations are made from high-quality materials and are designed to function like your own teeth. Patients work with our team at Knight Dental Care because we offer:

  • Compassionate care from a highly trained dentist
  • A unique approach to denture design
  • Dentures that look and feel natural
  • Dentures that are comfortable to wear and easy to care for

Can I Get Dentures?

If you are missing multiple teeth or ought to have multiple teeth taken out, you may be a good candidate for dentures. Dentures can restore your oral capabilities, enable you to eat rich foods, and help retain the shape of your face. Dentures work well when the gum tissues are healthy and an appropriate amount of jawbone keeps them in position. During your visit with Dr. Knight, he will evaluate your oral health and talk about possible solutions depending on your goals, needs, maintenance preferences, and wallet. After this, our team will be able to help you determine if dentures are right for you and which style will best suit your unique situation. If you are looking for alternative restorative treatments, we also provide dental implants, dental bridges, and dental crowns.

What Is the Denture Process?

Dr. Knight will start your denture process by making digital or molded impressions of your top and lower arches. These impressions will be forwarded to a highly advanced dental lab where they will create your customized dentures. Full and partial dentures are composed of lightweight resin, which can be supported by a metal framework. Crafted using medical-grade materials, dentures are intended to mimic the appearance of natural teeth and gum tissues. Once your dentures are ready, we will ask you to follow up for a fitting consultation. Dr. Knight will adjust your dentures so they are comfortable or attach them to your positioned titanium implants. Our team will also discuss the appropriate techniques to take care of your new dentures.

Dentures FAQs

Can I sleep with dentures?

While implant-held dentures don't need to be removed at night, removable dentures should be taken out before bed. This prevents complications like irritated gums and bacteria growth that can affect your oral health. Dr. Knight can provide more detailed instructions on whether your implants should be removed and how to care for them overnight.

How long do removable dentures last?

Implant-retained dentures should last for years if they are cleaned and cared for regularly. Removable dentures may need to be replaced periodically based on your specific needs. The dental professionals at Knight Dental Care can help determine a replacement schedule during your initial assessment. Our goal is to make sure you have a beautiful smile for life!

Will my dentures look fake?

Even removable dentures can look and feel natural with the right care. Our dental staff in Midland, MI, makes patients feel more comfortable by examining their existing teeth and selecting a shade that blends in with their natural teeth. We'll provide tips on how to keep your dentures clean so you can enjoy your smile without feeling self-conscious.

WE offer Dentures in Midland!

Find the ability to eat, converse with new people, and smile with ease and confidence after tooth loss. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Knight is excited to offer full mouth or partial removable and implant-supported dentures to his patients in Midland, MI. To learn more information on how dentures could revive your smile, or for cost and insurance queries, call Knight Dental Care.

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