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Our Mercury-Free Fillings Restore Your Tooth’s Enamel

A dental filling helps repair injuries that break the protective seal of your tooth’s enamel. By placing a filling on teeth harmed by decay or minor chipping, we help reduce the likelihood of developing more cavities. Our mercury-free composite resin material allows you to resume eating and drinking immediately upon leaving your dental appointment.

What Are Mercury-Free Fillings?

When cavities form on the surface of your teeth, they leave behind permanent damage that must be repaired. Earlier dental fillings employed amalgam, a combination of silver or mercury, to restore the surface of your tooth. Over time we discovered that this material does not completely fuse with your tooth. More importantly, we learned that mercury can be dangerous for your health. To provide a safer filling material that can bond to your tooth, we now use composite resin to restore cavities and other minor dental injuries.

What Should I Expect After Receiving A Filling?

In the past, the metal inside amalgam fillings required 24 hours to be fully set. This meant that following placement, you could not chew for a full day following your dental appointment. On the other hand, today’s composite resin fillings allow you to resume chewing immediately. You may feel some sensitivity to hot or cold as your tooth adjusts to the new material. To treat the discomfort, consider taking an over-the-counter pain pill. If the pain does not subside within a few days, give us a call, and we can inspect your filling to see that it fits properly.