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We Can Help You Brighten Your Smile

When your teeth lose their bright, white look, it can take a toll on your self-confidence. While your smile may be completely healthy, a dull or stained appearance can cause others to question your hygiene habits. By exploring your options to lift discoloration and return your smile’s original shade, you can regain your comfort around others or when posing for pictures. A store-bought whitening treatment may sound attractive, but we can provide a professional system customized for your specific situation. You can receive radical smile improvement in as little as a single in-office visit or pursue a take-home whitening kit to apply at a more gradual pace.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

By examining your smile, we can discover the cause of your discoloration. If your stains lie within the enamel itself, an in-office procedure can quickly return your bright look in as little as an hour. We first apply a powerful bleaching gel to coat the surface of your smile. To accelerate your stain removal, we apply a special light that cures the gel. By repeating rounds of this process, we continue lifting stains until we reach your desired shade. This makes in-office treatment a wonderful option when preparing for an upcoming social engagement.

At-Home Treatment With KöR Teeth Whitening

We can also create a system of custom whitening trays for you to wear on your own at home. The KöR Whitening system provides long-lasting, effective results by lifting stains from your smile as you sleep. By taking a mold of your bite, we provide custom-fit trays that apply whitening gel to your enamel to reach your desired shade.