What Can Dental Bonding Do For Tooth Gaps?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 09/25/2021

Dental bonding and contouring are fast, cost-effective techniques used to repair minor flaws, including gaps, chips, and discoloration.


What are the Advantages to No Prep Veneers?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 08/31/2021

No prep veneers have many advantages over traditional porcelain restorations. They are less damaging to your teeth overall.


How Long Do the Results Last With the KÖR® Teeth Whitening System?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 07/20/2021

The KÖR teeth whitening procedure gives you the picture-perfect smile you have always wanted with long-lasting results.


Want Wedding Day Teeth? Consider a Smile Makeover

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 06/12/2021

If you want a smile that shines on your wedding day, consider a smile makeover.


Can a Smile Makeover Fix Severely Damaged Teeth?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 05/13/2021

Smile makeover procedures can fix damaged teeth and restore your oral health so you feel more confident and attractive when you smile.


Does Sleep Apnea Cause Weight Gain?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 04/27/2021

Delaying sleep apnea treatment can cause weight gain and other sleep apnea symptoms.


Will My Teeth Be Grinded Down for No-Prep Veneers?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 04/23/2021

When you want to improve your smile, no-prep dental veneers can almost instantly correct alignment issues and discoloration.


When is A Root Canal With A Crown Needed?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 04/22/2021

Get the facts on dental crowns in Midland, MI, and when they are necessary after a root canal to preserve your oral health.


Will I Need Multiple Appointments to Complete A Smile Makeover?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 04/11/2021

Find out how long some popular smile makeover procedures take to complete and how many dental visits you can anticipate when planning.


Can Severe Sleep Apnea be Treated With Oral Appliance Therapy?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 03/28/2021

Sleep apnea treatment can use a dental appliance to help patients sleep better and improve oral health too.


Will No-Prep Veneers Cover Gaps in Your Teeth?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 03/21/2021

When you want to improve your smile, you will need to choose between traditional vs. no-prep dental veneers.


How Does Tooth Decay Happen Under A Dental Crown?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 03/14/2021

Learn about tooth decay under a dental crown and what can be done to alleviate any pain and discomfort to restore your oral health.


Can A Smile Makeover Reshape My Teeth?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 03/08/2021

What is enamel contouring, and how can it help me with a smile makeover? Learn how you can reshape your teeth to create a more attractive smile.


Learn How To Treat Sleep Apnea With Dental Appliances

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 02/26/2021

Sleep apnea treatment uses dental appliances to help patients sleep better and to improve oral health.


How Long Can No-Prep Veneers Last?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 02/21/2021

When considering no-prep veneers to improve your smile, you will want to know how long your veneers will last.


Five Benefits of A Combined Root Canal and Crown Treatment

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 02/16/2021

A root canal and crown treatment help resolve pain and tooth sensitivity in Midland, MI.


Eight Questions To Ask Your Dentist About A Smile Makeover

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 02/05/2021

When you want to improve your smile, it’s important to understand the process before beginning.


Is Teeth Grinding A Sign of Sleep Apnea?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 01/28/2021

Discover the connection between sleep apnea and teeth grinding to learn more about treatment so you can achieve a restful night's sleep.


What Are The Pros and Cons of No-Prep Veneers?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 01/20/2021

Learn more about dental veneers and the advantages or disadvantages of the innovative, quicker option of no prep veneers.


Can You Get A Root Canal On An Existing Crown?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 01/13/2021

Learn about root canal treatment and dental crowns at our Midland, MI dental office.


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