Dental Implants for Seniors in Midland, MI | Knight Dental Care

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 03/09/2023

We offer dental implants for seniors in Midland, MI, who meet a few basic health requirements. Call today to schedule your consultation.


Is Your Dark-Colored Tooth a Sign of Something More Serious?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 12/31/2022

A dark tooth can be a sign of something serious, or it can just be a bruise. Dr. Edward Knight can help you determine the difference.


Can a Patient Get a Smile Makeover with Multiple Missing Teeth?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 11/05/2022

Learn how a smile makeover can help improve your smile and replace missing teeth to restore your bite and appearance.


Learn the Importance of Good Oral Health

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 10/30/2022

Most people do not grasp the importance of oral health to not only their mouth but also their entire body.


Can A Cavity be too Large to Get Filled?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 09/25/2022

Inlays and onlays are a great treatment plan if you have cavities that are too large to be filled with traditional methods.


Struggling With Sleep Apnea? It May be Time to Visit Your Dentist

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 08/29/2022

Individuals suffering from sleep apnea may find an easier, more convenient, and efficient dental solution with a custom-fit night guard.


How Long Will I Have Pain After a Root Canal?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 07/24/2022

Root canals are usually less painful than most people realize, and they typically put an end to tooth and jaw pain rather than cause it.


Are Minimal Prep Veneers Long Lasting?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 06/26/2022

Minimal prep veneers are a cosmetic solution that can transform your smile for many years. Find how veneers are applied and how long they last here.


Will a Smile Makeover Improve My Gummy Smile?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 05/21/2022

A smile makeover can correct a gummy smile by helping contour your gums or add a veneer or crown over a space.


What to Know About K?R® Teeth Whitening

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 04/28/2022

K?R professional teeth whitening is a useful solution for patients in Midland looking for a new approach to improving how their teeth look.


What Oral Appliances Treat Sleep Apnea?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 03/28/2022

Oral appliances can help adjust how your airways work to control sleep apnea without requiring bulky machines, such as the CPAP device.


How Long Does a Root Canal and Crown Take In One Setting?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 02/19/2022

You can get a root canal and crown together on the same day in Midland, MI. It takes a few hours to complete the work.


Will My Teeth Look Natural After Minimal Prep Veneers?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 01/25/2022

Minimal prep veneers in MIdland, MI cover up your dental imperfections and help give you the smile you’ve always wanted.


Do I Need Inlays or Onlays For My Damaged Teeth?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 12/19/2021

Dental inlays and onlays are different treatments for your teeth, but they both work to protect them from further tooth decay and damage.


How Long Do Teeth Stay White After KOR® Teeth Whitening?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 11/26/2021

With proper care, the K?R teeth whitening system gives you long-lasting results while brightening your smile.


Can I Still Have Sleep Apnea Without Snoring?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 10/30/2021

Central sleep apnea can make it harder for you to breathe while you are sleeping, plus it will not trigger snoring in most cases.


What Can Dental Bonding Do For Tooth Gaps?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 09/25/2021

Dental bonding and contouring are fast, cost-effective techniques used to repair minor flaws, including gaps, chips, and discoloration.


What are the Advantages to No Prep Veneers?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 08/31/2021

No prep veneers have many advantages over traditional porcelain restorations. They are less damaging to your teeth overall.


How Long Do the Results Last With the KÖR® Teeth Whitening System?

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 07/20/2021

The KÖR teeth whitening procedure gives you the picture-perfect smile you have always wanted with long-lasting results.


Want Wedding Day Teeth? Consider a Smile Makeover

Dr. Edward T. Knight | 06/12/2021

If you want a smile that shines on your wedding day, consider a smile makeover.


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