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Root Canal Therapy Treats Problems Inside Your Tooth’s Structure

A toothache can indicate a serious underlying oral health problem. If your pain does not resolve within a day, you may have a bacterial infection that requires immediate removal. Without treatment, you risk bacteria traveling to different parts of your body, so let us know whenever you experience dental pain that will not go away.

Fortunately, a root canal treatment can access the inside of your tooth’s pulp chamber to remove diseased tissue and provide valuable relief. We understand the frustration of an aching tooth, and that is why we can perform an emergency appointment to resolve your issue at once. Because this procedure alters your tooth’s structure, we can provide a restoration to return its seal and protect it from reinfection.

How Your Tooth Becomes Infected

Any injury that breaks the protective seal of your tooth’s enamel can expose the inner structure to bacterial harm. By receiving regular dental checkups, we can examine your smile for tooth decay or physical trauma that harms a tooth’s outer layer. If left untreated, a cavity can continue to destroy living tissue until bacteria have access to the tooth’s pulp chamber. When bacteria deposits inside, you experience an inflammatory response as your body’s immune system attempts to fight the infection. As inflammation swells your tissues, they press against tender nerves within your tooth, causing serious pain.

Removing Your Infection

We will apply a local anesthetic to numb your tooth before performing your root canal. Using special tools, we remove all infected tissues and bacterial deposits to fully clean your infection. At the end of the procedure, we seal the opening and prepare a dental crown to return your tooth’s protection.